It’s no secret that attracting top talent is key to business success. Hence, earlier this year our team expanded our presence in the cyber world and launched our very own Clearline Recruitment App.

The saying goes ‘if you don’t try you will never know’ however, we insist on mentioning the huge success with candidates jumping in head first and downloading our amazing job hunting App. Our app is designed to fine tune and accurately listen to the needs of applicants.

The App respects the privacy of the individual and can monitor the market for any amount of time – just in case that perfect dream job you always wanted emerges. Candidates have given us tremendously positive feedback. Most of them have said due to their own busy schedules it is almost impossible to allocate good enough amounts of time searching for an ideal opportunity that would be the best fit for them should they upgrade jobs or move over to a new career. Our app has a built in notification system that confidentially alerts candidates when the top most promising career sources become available. You will know in an instant!

Basic benefits of our recruitment App are:
1. Maximizing your time – let the App do the work for you
2. Staying in touch with opportunities – never miss out
3. Organizing potential career moves and changes
4. Give yourself a decisive competitive advantage over other competing applicants

To win a competitive advantage on the job market simply download the Clearline Recruitment App here :


Once you have successfully downloaded the above App, you will be privately matched to relevant and exciting job opportunities perfect for you. Our digital world is expanding and there is no going back to former tradition job hunting methods – get on board and enjoy the latest mobile technology. Our App will let the latest technology optimize your success.

We wish you every success in the job searching process – our team is on standby 24/7 to support you and partner with you throughout the recruitment process. Any questions, simply head over to CONTACT US and get in touch.

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