Hybrid working


Covid-19 has not only changed our personal lives it has also changed our work lives. Offices have now introduced a hybrid work structure; this involves working from home for a few days a week combined with working in the office. This seems to be a popular method of working for employees as survey data shows that 47% of employees stated that they would look for another job if their employer does not offer flexible working. Data also showed that 77% of companies have adapted to the hybrid working method.

Companies are continuously adjusting to a hybrid or remote working structure. Although some companies have returned to working from offices, many other find that hybrid working is flexible and has proven to be more successful.

There are many advantages of hybrid working:

  1. Improves work-life balance:

Offering a hybrid role allows the staff to have an improved work-life balance. This will overall reduce stress; this encourages the employee to have a better mindset towards work and can make their day-to-day tasks less stressful.


  1. Greater productivity:

Hybrid working can ultimately improve productivity, which will have a positive impact on the business in the long run.  It provides the employees with a refreshing change of environment. This can also increase the employees focus on their own tasks without other distractions.


  1. Employees satisfaction:

Employee satisfaction is proven to be high since hybrid working has been introduced. Statistics have shown that 54% of employees that split their work reported they were doing well.


  1. Reduced office cost:

The new hybrid working approach allows companies to shift to a digital platform, therefore this reduces the costs. This can be an overall effective method for the company to put their money towards office equipment.

Here at Clearline Recruitment we offer office – based, hybrid and remote roles. Talk to our Recruitment Consultants to discuss the job opportunities we currently have. Contact us today on 01273 063769 or email info@clearlinerecruit.co.uk

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