Tips on Preparing for a Job Interview


Are you in the process of preparing for a job interview? Have no fear – our team is here to be of support to you! There are steps you can take in order to make a great impression and be as prepared as possible. We have put together some basic advice and tips to focus on when preparing for a job interview below. These will hopefully equip you and also make you stand out from less-prepared competing candidates.

Interview Step One : Research The Company

Very vital. Do thorough research on the Company who is interviewing you. Google them and take a look at their website and also scour the internet just in case there are any news articles etc that may mention them. Have they achieved anything outstanding? What is their latest business deal? Who are their top clients? Know their company history- their locations if more than one office

Interview Step Two : Dress for Success

Be aware that the interviewer will be paying close attention to detail of how you are dressed. Attention should be given to your nails, choice of shoes, accessories etc. Dress neatly with clothes ironed and pressed. Our advice is always rather risk being dressed more formal than necessary rather than risk being dressed too casually. You should be comfortable in what you are wearing, however you need to bare in mind that you will be partially evaluated on your appearance. So neat is highly advisable

Interview Step Three : Arrive on Time

Actually, to be more specific – arrive EARLY. One cannot risk being late under any circumstances. Know where you are going and check the route a day ahead of the interview. Time management will most certainly be on all job descriptions, as well as good organizational skills. Unexpected delays can occur – be sure to plan your journey and as stated – plan to arrive at least ten minutes early!

Interview Step Four : Demeanor

Attention will be paid to your posture- sit upright and do not slouch. Respect the interviewers space – do not sit down until invited to do so. Your hand shake should be firm and confident and good eye contact should be maintained throughout the interview. Pay careful attention to your manners, using ‘Sir or Madam’ and be sure to thank them for their time and the opportunity once the interview is complete. Stay calm and remember proper preparation of the interview beforehand will help with unnecessary nerves and for you to exhude confidence.

Job Interview Step Five : Sell Yourself

What are your top skills? Are you well versed in the latest technologies? Are you a team player or a great leader? These are characteristics you may need to fulfill the employment position. Prepare your list and memorise these ahead of time. Your strengths, greatest career accomplishments will need to be mentioned. It is not uncommon, however for the interviewer to ask ‘what you think your weakness or development areas are’? Be sure to know that this answer will need to be aligned to whether you could be successful in the position or not.

Job Interview Step Six : Avoid Common Mistakes

Switch your cell phone OFF during an interview – we cannot stress the importance of this enough.

Review the facts on your CV. Make sure your dates are accurate and avoid any discrepancies. Make sure your past employees are easily contactable should you need references. Be truthful and accurate at all times.

Pay close attention to questions asked – do not daydream – it is important to stay focused. If you lose track momentarily apologise and simply ask for them to re phrase the question.

Remember while being thorough to also be to the point – do not talk too much. Simply answer the question. End the interview by being courteous. It is not uncustomary to email a thank you to the company a few days to follow the interview.

We hope these tips will help many of our candidates successfully. We wish each you the best always! Questions? Simply contact us HERE

Job interview tips

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