The Drastic Rise In Job Adverts


There has been an increase in job adverts in the run-up to Christmas. The job posting has continued to remain at a record high!

REC study has indicated that there have been around 221,000 new job adverts posted in the UK during the first week of November. This has proven to be the fourth highest weekly figure since the start of 2020. Due to this, the total number of active job posts has reached 2.68 million which is another record-breaking statistic.

Rise in:

– Driving instructors +32.3%

– Prison Officers +13.0%

– Fork-lift truck drivers (+9.1%)

The job posts do not look like its slowing down anytime soon.

The Chief Executive at REC, Neil Carberry discusses this further:

He states that the general trend is positive for the recruitment industry, however, the trend varied by region as London has been affected more than another area due to the increase in hybrid roles. The overall job market is continuing to rise at a slow pace. Interestingly he outlines the sectors that have seen an increase or decline. For instance, logistic and care roles have seen an increase in demand, in contrast, demand for the construction sector has declined.

He also draws attention to the importance of the government measurements that need to be put into place to help companies’ recovery process and “invest with confidence, increasing productivity and helping the economy to grow.” The growth will have a positive influence on recruitment, as this means there are more jobs available for candidates.

The graph displays above show the noticeable growth in active job adverts across a range of sectors.

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