Preparing for a Video Interview


The way in which employers are recruiting has been forced to change for most businesses following the outbreak of Covid-19, and holding an interview process by video in order to find the perfect candidate is becoming increasingly popular.
As with any other kind of interview, preparation is key, but there are a few extra steps you’ll need to take to ensure you give yourself the very best chance to succeed when taking part in a video interview.


You will now be totally reliant on the software (for example Zoom) that the interview will be conducted through, as well as the internet connectivity you have.  It’s therefore vital that you test your software has property downloaded, check your audio and video connections are working, ensure your internet connection is stable and make sure you have a quiet place, that’s private and free from interruptions, to position  yourself.  Make sure all other devices such as your mobile phone are switched off or on silent and ensure that everyone in your household knows that you will be taking part in an interview so that you have no interruptions.


Prospective employers will still expect high standards of professionalism, even though the interview is being carried out remotely, therefore, you need to ensure that you dress appropriately, avoiding bright colours, and that the background you have for your interview is also appropriate, ideally well lit, neutral and free from clutter.

Advanced Preparation

Any interview can cause you to feel anxious but it’s important that you come across as calm and controlled, so practicing some breathing exercises before your interview is a great idea.  Nerves can easily cause you to rush your words or lose your train of thought, but with careful advance preparation, you can give yourself the very best opportunity.  As with any interview, having conducted research on your potential new employer and prepared some relevant questions about what the role entails is vital.  Not only will this denote your commitment to the role to your potential employer, it will help you make an informed decision about this role is right for you, based on the answers you receive.

Good luck!

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