How To Win At Work


How to win at work! At Clearline Recruitment we don’t see a successful hire of candidates as the end of the road. It is at this point when the qualities and experience of the chosen candidates are truly put to the test. As a recruitment agency we care very much for our clients and candidates and would like to offer practical advice for new employees. We hope that the following article will be an inspiration for you, now that you have landed that position that you worked so hard to achieve.

It is time to show your new employers why their faith in you should be rewarded. After all, that is why they hired you- to continue to make the organization successful!

So, what does it mean to “win” at work? To some, it may mean being as personally and financially successful as possible; with little regard for interpersonal relationships or being well-thought of by co-workers. For others, the workplace social dynamics and sense of being a valued member of the team are far more important than a meteoric rise through the ranks for the coveted “corner office” and accompanying titles. The culture of your workplace goes a long way in dictating what is considered “winning”, but make no mistake about it- the purpose of every organization, whether it be for-profit or a non-profit, is to be successful.

There are numerous studies and articles about the different types of personalities that one may encounter at work, and how to best utilize the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of each personality type. The challenge of each supervisor or manager is to keep all these different personalities united towards the common goal of success for the organization. Therefore, ‘clearly understanding your organization’ is of critical importance when it comes to knowing how to “win”.  Does your organization stress individual efforts over collaborative ones? Does your organization promote a family atmosphere amongst its employees?  Your organization most likely has very clear rules in regards to expectations of behavior. Odds are there are some unwritten rules of behavior that are both encouraged and frowned upon. Valuable advice is to learn about yourself, learn about your fellow employees, and learn about your organization.

The famous Greek general Pyrrhus was known for winning, but at a very heavy cost -almost tantamount to defeat; hence the phrase “a Pyrrhic victory’. We can learn from the history of many battles and challenges encountered by Pyrrhus and others what true winning is.

Ultimately success is achieved when employees strive to “win at work” in a manner that builds their colleagues, co-workers, the company and themselves up. In closing we would like to encourage our new successful candidates to stay positive, do more than what is expected, put the needs of your team first and always do more than what is expected. That is truly “winning”. You were successfully chosen for the job because the company believes in your potential. We wish you every continued to success at the start of your new career

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