Cocktail Making Class at Bohemia!


Our team is at it again! This time round the Clearline Recruitment team have set out in support of the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity and will be using their superior cocktail making skills to train alongside representatives of local businesses! The cocktail making master class or ‘Raise the Spirit’ will be happening at Bohemia in Brighton at 7pm on 22nd November 2019.

We delved into history to do our research – due to our competitive nature we had to understand this art and its origin a little better. Apparently and let us say this again! Apparently according to a gentleman named Harry Crosswell in and around 1806 – Cocktails had quite a bit to do with horses.

Wikipedia states ‘It was in those times customary to dock the tails of horses that were not thoroughbred. They were thus called cocktailed horses – or cocktails! The word cocktails was then applied to a vulgar ill-bred person who assumed the position of gentleman (or lady) but…deficient of gentlemanly breeding!

Cocktails (of the alcohol kind) were diluted by non-alcoholic ingredients -hence not pure bred and literally ‘raised above its station’ Hence the birth of the slang word ‘cocktail’. Please all gasp at this point and when you join us at Bohemia in November be sure to remember your gentlemanly (and ladylike) disposition may well be put to the test!

brighton horse riding
We thought we would ask one of our local Brighton equestrian friends to see what they said about this matter – no comment!

Coming back to the details of this event – let us not forget why we are doing this. All proceeds will be going to the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity. Their 20/20 Corporate Challenge will be raising for for the Chalkhill Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

Chalkhill is the only mental health hospital for children in Sussex. All funds will be used to further develop and support the rehabilitation programmes they have in support of children facing difficulty. Your help and support to them will be very valued.

cocktails at bohemia

Revel in exquisite cocktails you can make with the expert tutelage of Bohemia’s mixologists. Quench your thirst and bask in your new found skills!

Tickets to participate include three cocktails and a welcome drink! Contact Andrew should you and your team with to attend in this fun and worthy event by email : or call us on 01273 063769

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